Affiliaxe Review

I thought I’d do a post on my Affiliaxe Review that I’ve previously posted on this site.

When I first joined Affiliaxe I saw some great offers that were in the internet marketing niche that I was promoting at the time, so did a few offers with them and made a few hundred dollars with them.

I then concentrated on some other niches and CPA networks for about 8 months, purely for the fact that Affiliaxe did not have then niche I was promoting at that moment. I then returned to Affiliaxe CPA network as I had some great converting traffic that I knew Affiliaxe had available.

My method involves utilising a contact I have that enables me to place banners on about 80 websites that have good traffic. I also utilise email marketing to promote CPA offers when the offer allows it. So to start the process, I applied for a few offers in the niche that I was promoting at the time, and set them up on the banner ad slots available to me. I then started preparing to get the whole campaign off the ground. This normally takes about a week.

Received an email out of the blue saying my account had been suspended. No reason, just that.

I emailed them numerous times, never received a reply. I reached out to my affiliate manager, who never responded. I posted on their Facebook page asking what had happened, why were they ignoring me – They banned me from their Facebook page.

I had pending payments in my account that I will never receive. I had no way to find out what they were accusing me of, received no communication from them, no way to defend myself, find out if there had been a mistake.

Therefore my review of Affiliaxe CPA network based on my personal experience is the following:

  1. Unprofessional.
  2. Scammed me of money owed to me.
  3. A CPA network I would recommend you avoid at all costs.

If you’re interested in finding out more pages about Affiliaxe Review then I suggest you have a look at your favourite search engine and do a search such as Affiliaxe Review. You’ll find many other people in a similar position as me.

If you don’t know which CPA network you’d like to work with, I posted a page with my recommended CPA networks


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