Amar Alyas – the Rev Share lawyer

Important Update 15/10/2016: Apparently Amar Alyas is actually not a lawyer according to some reports, but is fruadulently claiming to be one.

Amar Alyas Manchester rev share lawyer.

Several people have approached me recently regarding a lawyer working for David Norman Solicitors in Manchester, called Amar Alyas. They were apparently convinced to join Traffic Monsoon under Amar’s referral link, which as we all know are being investigated by the SEC under fraud charges and allegedly being a Ponzi Scheme. So Amar received money from Traffic Monsoon for referring members to the scheme.

Who is Amar Alyas? Amar is the nephew of the highest earner in Traffic Monsoon, Immy Aslam

So let’s get a bit closer to the lawyer called Amar Alyas and see what he has been up to, all the time a lawyer practicing in Manchester. Hopefully he can prove he didn’t use his position of trust to convince people to signup under his referral link.

He has used social media such as Facebook and Twitter to get people to signup under his various schemes. First Traffic Monsoon, and now Traffic Hurricane. So lets look closer at Amar Alyas the Manchester Rev Share Lawyer:

Amar Alyas rev share lawyer

We know he is the nephew of Imtiaz (Immy) Aslam

Amar Alyas Immy Aslam

In the above screenshot we can see that he is promoting his website Well when we follow that link, we can see that he has moved on from Traffic Monsoon which the SEC has shutdown, and is now forwarding to a Traffic Hurricane signup page. As we know, Traffic Hurricane is a Traffic Monsoon clone, setup despite the Receivership gaining a Restraining order and asset freeze against Traffic Monsoon and Charles Scoville.

So lets see where his website goes:

Amar Alyas Ponzi pimp

Surprise surprise when we see who registered and maintains the domain name for Amar Alyas: registration details

We can even see that Amar Alyas has taken to Twitter, where in his bio he notes he is a lawyer. He uses his position as a lawyer to gain people’s trust and getting them to signup under his referral link:

Amar Alyas

Amar Alyas screenshot.80 screenshot.81 screenshot.82

Now I have a real problem with people who use their position of trust and authority to promote money making programs such as Traffic Monsoon, who are under investigation by the SEC in the USA, and I reached out to his current employers who have yet to respond to my queries. His previous employers Slater & Gordon moved him on when he was reported to them about 8 months ago.

Perhaps it is time to complain to the UK law society about one of their members participating in money making schemes of a dubious nature and under investigation for Fraud and alleged to be a Ponzi Scheme.

Please share this on social media to spread the truth, and if you feel Amar is abusing his position of trust as a lawyer, feel free to report him to the relevant authorities.

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