Did Charles Scoville Lie to the SEC?

As an update to my post yesterday about TrafficMonsoon website being taken down by the Receiver appointed by the SEC. I found many instances where I believe Charles Scoville lied to the SEC.

I read the SEC’s case against Charles Scoville, which is Case 2:16-cv-00832-JNP.

I found various things that bothered me. I’m going to list some things I have found out, and everything I have found below is in the public domain and can be searched for yourself.

In the Exhibit A in the SEC case against TrafficMonsoon, on page 146, Charles tells the SEC he took $500 000 to buy a flat in the UK. At around about the time he bought the flat, that would have been the equivalent of about £385 000. But looking at public records, his flat only cost £275 000. Plus stamp duty of about £3 500. so what happened to the extra approximate £100 000?

So where does Charles Scoville live in the UK? Apparently he lives at this address:

Apartment 27 The Quays, Salford, England, M50 3BB (Companies House Director Search)

And on the 14th of August he paid £275 000 for this flat.

Charles has always complained on Facebook that he leads a very frugal life, and has a 1 bedroom apartment both in the UK and the USA.

Charles, no, you actually live in a two bedroom apartment.

Here are some photos of Charles Scoville’s apartment: These photos are from the website that was advertising the apartment for sale, prior to Charles buying the property.

screenshot.39 screenshot.38 screenshot.37 screenshot.36 screenshot.35 screenshot.34

Charls Scoville apartment

Some more things will be added to the page when I update it.

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