Charles Scoville lies again

Charles Scoville’s lawyer filed a motion to set aside the Receivership on the 23rd of September. In this motion, which can be read here he requested that the Receivership be removed and that a limited asset freeze be put in place to only cover the members from the USA. However, as noted, Charles Scoville lies again to his website members, claiming that there were enough funds to cover all withdrawals.

Interestingly enough, the SEC filed their own motion in opposition to set aside the Receivership, which can be read here

It is interesting to note that in the SEC’s motion in opposition, on page 5, they note that despite Charles Scoville’s lies, they have found enough forensic evidence in the database supplied by Charles himself, that shows that there are NOT ENOUGH funds to cover the members from the USA, let alone the rest of the world.

The SEC’s analysis shows that the USA members alone are owed approximately $56 million, yet they only managed to seize $49,500,822.10 from Traffic Monsoon LLC and Charles Scoville. How much is owed to members from other countries?

Also, bearing in mind that they only seized $49,500,822.10, and that there was approximately $61 million frozen in Paypal alone, and not counting anything that was in Payza, STP and Chase bank accounts, what has Charles done with the other missing millions?

And let’s look at a screenshot taken from a post Charles Scoville pasted on Facebook on the 6th of September 2016. Even though he knew there were not enough funds to pay everyone.

More lies from Charles Scoville

Charles Scoville has also lied to his members when he said that they did not fall under the SEC’s jurisdiction. As explained in the SEC’s motion in opposition of setting aside the legally assigned Receivership against Charles Scoville and Traffic Monsoon LLC, the following reasons were used which clearly shows they have jurisdiction:

  • Charles Scoville, legal sole owner of Traffic Monsoon LLC, is a US citizen
  • Chase bank accounts used to receive funds for Traffic Monsoon LLC, were based in the USA.
  • The servers used for Traffic Monsoon LLC were based in the USA. This would count as the origin point of transaction, so even if payment processors were based in another country, this would not count, and therefore would mean SEC has jurisdiction.


There are so many other parts where Charles Scoville has tripped up and shown all his lies. Do yourself a favour and read the court documents again and come to your own conclusion at how many times Charles Scoville has lied to you, and think of the money that he has hidden away from you, the unwitting investor.

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