Dodgy Darren Protheroe

When it comes to Ponzi Scams, it seems that a certain amount of people gather together and jump from one scheme to another. We have a certain dodgy Darren Protheroe from Wales, who has been scheming and scamming for a few years now. Darren Protheroe is very vocal when it comes to discussions about Traffic Monsoon and how it is not a Ponzi. So who is Darren Protheroe?

Meet Dodgy Darren Protheroe

Darren Protheroe scammer


Darren Protheroe scammer

Darren Protheroe and Sharon James

Darren Protheroe Scamming history:

Darren used to operate numerous websites in the 2010/2011 period, trying his best to scam people from their hard earned money. On one website “Moneysavingexpert”, someone asks if anyone had heard of a company called “Pro-stuffers Ltd”. This company never existed by the way, claiming to be run by Darren Protheroe. The scam in this “company” was to get people to pay £2.50 to join and then apparently they would be sent envelopes to stuff.

Darren Protheroe scammer

Darren Protheroe scammer screenshot.101

And here is the lovely website in question. Very classy and professional.

Darren Protheroe scammer

And here is a list of their clients apparently. By the way Darren Protheroe, I work for one of those companies in your alleged list of clients. They’ve NEVER used your services.

Darren Protheroe scammer

Darren Protheroe also claimed he would be able to sell ideas to make people rich…. It really seems he had a problem with his CAPS LOCK key in those days. He called himself an “idea guru” and promised to sell ideas, but it could cost you between £1 and £500 000!

Darren Protheroe scammer

Darren Protheroe seems to be up to some new scam with another website, promising to find people jobs again. That is really an old scam mate!

Darren Protheroe scammer

Darren Protheroe jumps between various ponzi schemes, always on the lookout to scam someone.

However, Darren Protheroe has a dangerous past. Here is a report taken from a local newspaper at the time:

“An armed robber who taunted police while on the run abroad with postcards bragging about the £16,000 he stole from a supermarket was jailed for 11 years yesterday.Darren Protheroe, 22, unemployed, from Swansea, sent photographs of himself to the head of Swansea CID.

Protheroe stole the cash after threatening staff with a starter pistol and handcuffing them to a safe in July. The next day he flew to Spain with his girlfriend for a holiday and spent two months spending the money he had stolen.

He could not resist taunting police with a series of snaps showing him living the high life. In one, he positioned £4,000 of cash and jewellery on a bed with a note on the back saying “Is this enough evidence for you?”

On the back of another picture, showing him partying with a group of friends, he wrote: “I’m a naughty boy, a 100% outlaw. I’m one of a kind – unstoppable.” The photos were taken from various holiday resorts.

Protheroe was arrested when he ran out of money and returned to Swansea to live in a homeless hostel called the Lodge. When police arrested him in September he could not resist one last taunt and asked them why it had taken so long to catch him.

Swansea crown court heard that Protheroe hid in a cupboard of the CK’s supermarket at Penclawdd, near Swansea, until the shop closed.

He waited until two female staff went upstairs to count the takings before telling two 16-year-old male employees he would shoot them in the legs if they did not do what he said.

After forcing them to lay face down on the floor he ran upstairs and demanded the two women hand over the weekend’s takings. He handcuffed them to the office safe.

His lawyer Elwen Evans called taunting the police “immature bravado”.

Judge Huw Williams said: “It is your youth and insecurity which drives you to compulsory showing off. Your target was a vulnerable one. Two women and two 16-year-old boys. Those four people had no time to prepare themselves.”

Protheroe, of the Lodge, Swansea, was jailed for 11 years for burglary, robbery, possession of an offensive weapon and a drugs offence.”




Since writing this article Darren Protheroe changed his Facebook picture and threatened me via my website. For someone who is supposedly innocent, he quickly sanitised his Facebook posts and tried to hide everything.


Here is his latest Facebook profiles and threats below:

Darren Protheroe

Darren Protheroe

Darren Protheroe scammer

Darren Protheroe scammer


Darren Protheroe scammer

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