Latest Updates in Trafficmonsoon case

The latest updates in the Trafficmonsoon case came around yesterday the 30th of November, a day that many Trafficmonsoon members thought would mean victory for them in the SEC case against Trafficmonsoon and Charles Scoville. Judge Parrish was due to hear closing arguments and then reach a decision.

“However Judge Parrish had not made up her mind yet, as the issue of jurisdiction was still at the forefront.

The problem arose as the Securities and Exchange Commission tried to convince U.S. District Judge Jill Parrish to continue to enjoin the operations of Traffic Monsoon, a company operated by Utahn Charles D. Scoville that took in about $173 million in about two years with operations entirely online and from people around the globe.

Traffic Monsoon sold online advertising services, but also offered to share revenue with people who bought a product called an AdPack and agreed to click on a certain number of ads on other people’s web sites every day.

In a lawsuit filed in July, the SEC alleged that the company was a Ponzi scheme because revenues from new purchases were used to pay current AdPack holders what they were owed.

Scoville registered Traffic Monsoon in Utah in 2014, used his apartment in Murray as corporate headquarters and operated with computer servers in Atlanta and Los Angeles that carried out the transactions. He was the only employee.

That means Traffic Monsoon was a U.S. operation that falls under federal securities fraud laws, SEC attorney Daniel Wadley argued Wednesday. But he leaned heavily on an argument that the transactions at issue actually took place in the servers themselves and that fact gave the SEC jurisdiction to ask the judge to issue a preliminary injunction that would continue a freeze on the company’s operations.

That prompted skeptical questions from Parrish, who wondered whether that line of reasoning would just prompt businesses like Scoville’s to simply move their servers offshore.

“If that’s your argument I think we just gave Mr. Scoville license to go out next week and put servers” outside the U.S., Parrish said.

She said the area of the law was unsettled and twice invited an appeal on that question to the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver that could provide clear guidance on the issue.”**

This is a very important point of law, as it could result in a precedent being set. Judge Parrish is extremely aware that if she used the fact that the servers were located in the USA, it would give free rein to people like Charles Scoville simply using offshore servers, and getting away with it. However, the fact that Charles Scoville is a US citizen, he had his Utah flat registered at all times as company headquarters, should give enough jurisdiction alone.

Meanwhile, the so-called Trafficmonsoon “leaders” were having a field day in the days leading up to the 30th of November, with promises Trafficmonsoon would win, many poor members believing (duped?) the servers would be switched on that very same day. Also, some of the top earners (scammers??) from the UK (Apart from Immy Aslam as he is still in hiding as well as Sunil Patel as he couldn’t get a visa due to benefits fraud) had flown out again to Utah. The latest updates in the Trafficmonsoon case was a hot topic on Facebook after the hearing. The general feeling amongst many is that these UK net winners are purely doing it for their downlines, so that they can lead them to the next Ponzi scheme once they realise Trafficmonsoon wont come back.

Here are the great “leaders” from the UK, with Charles Scoville:

UK ponzi net winners

Photo Credit: Facebook member in Traffic Monsoon Refund Support Group

Meanwhile a Facebook profile claiming to be Charles Scoville’s mother, who previously posted about one post a month, is now writing Charles Scoville-esque styled posts in numerous groups, giving detailed explanations why Trafficmonsoon is not a Ponzi, and how more people need to donate to their legal fund otherwise Charles will lose the case (See, guess who will be blamed if Trafficmonsoon lose? You guessed it, the members WHO DID NOT DONATE ENOUGH!!) Here is a typical Facebook post from Shirley Scoville:

Shirley Scoville

Well hang on there Mama Scoville. That is a bit of a lie right? Charles is allowed to live in his flat. According to court documents, Charles Scoville is allowed the use of his car and flat as well….

Charles Scoville

Also, he would have been able to get a monthly “living allowance” to live on as well disbursed from the courts, but of course, Charles decided he would show a distinct lack of respect towards the Receiver, Peggy Hunt, and not comply with her request.

Charles Scoville

Unfortunately, true to form, Charles Scoville, as he has done numerous times, likes to play the martyr and blame someone else for his misfortune.

Don’t bother donating to Charles Scoville’s Legal Fund, it’s just part of the scam.

We patiently await the Judge’s decision. Many experts in the industry are pretty confident criminal charges will follow after the current civil case.

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** Marked parts of post come from Salt Lake Tribune

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  1. It seems from above update on Charles Scoville ( ex-CEO Of Traffic Monsoon ) case hearing on 30 November 2016 that Judge Jill Parrish was convinced on Ponzi Scheme of Traffic Monsoon, hence TM members should give up false hope on Charles Scoville who might face severe consequences after loosing his case in near future.

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