My journey to success

I thought I’d start this blog with a bit of an intro.

My name is Shane and I have been involved with affiliate marketing for about 8 years now. there have been high’s and low’s, some fun, and some frustration.

When you look at various search engines and look for terms such as “earn money online”, “make money online”, etc. There are literally hundreds of thousands of links. Some pages are so absurd, some are purely out-dated as well.

I plan on using this website to document my success to earning money online, and will try and share my success with you as well. I hope this project will help others not make the mistakes I did as well.

I’ll be offering some free marketing ebooks as well, so I will update everyone with a post when they can signup.

I am also planning on providing some email marketing support as well, so please keep an eye out for that when it is available.

Ok, first post:  DONE.

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