Paypal attack against Scoville

Paypal attacks Shirley Scoville’s account

Reports have surfaced that Paypal attacked Shirley Scoville’s Paypal account. Dear oh dear, it seems Paypal does not really like the Scoville family that much. Shirley Scoville posted in numerous Traffic Monsoon Facebook groups to stop sending more donations through the Funded Justice website, as Paypal has limited her account.

Paypal limits Shirley Scoville

It seems that Paypal were not happy with the fact that Shirley was collecting funds to defend Charles against a case that Paypal actually initiated by reporting Traffic Monsoon.

Or perhaps Paypal asked Charles, errmm…. sorry I mean Shirley, to provide proof of identification and he/she could not do so without exposing his little charade.

At the time of writing, they had raised $10 000 in funds, with Shirley urging that they needed another $40 000 within 4 days to pay the bill on the 13th of February. Somehow I don’t think that is going to happen. And then the ex-members of Traffic Monsoon will be blamed for “not caring” if Charles loses the case.

I’ve checked the Bitcoin deposit as well, no-one has deposited money yet.

Scoville bitcoin address

I’ll also bet that Paypal will be blamed now for the fact that they cannot raise enough money. Charles and Shirley Scoville will blame the members for not sending enough money to be scammed again, and will also blame Paypal for limiting their accounts (Actually they already blame Paypal for limiting Traffic Monsoon’s account) which has hindered their chance to defend himself in court.

What I really don’t understand is why the lawyers cost $50 000 EACH month, even if they’re not in court. I know lawyers charge per hour, and spending time preparing briefs, going to court, does cost a lot of money, but neither of Charles’ lawyers have set foot in a courtroom since November….

So if anyone really believe that Paypal attacked Shirley Scoville’s account due to nefarious reasons, think again. Paypal smelt a rat with Traffic Monsoon’s Paypal account, and they’ve smelt a rat with Shirley Scoville’s Paypal account.

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