Pokemon Go

The world has gone crazy for Pokemon Go. I’ve personally seen people walking into trees, lampposts, signs, nearly walking into moving cars, etc.

I was staggered to learn how many people I knew where playing Pokemon Go, and had been eagerly awaiting the game to be released. I have not sucumbed to downloading and playing the game yet, but I am tempted to.

Now one thing I am aware of is that you need to capture these agile little Pokemon’s, and that you can earn Pokecoins to buy things in the shop. I did a quick look at how one earns Pokecoins, and if there was a quick way to get extra pokecoins. I did a quick search and found so many fake sites. but here is a site a friend of mine uses and swears it works each time. Perhaps I should download Pokemon Go as well to see how I can hack extra Pokecoins. I find the idea of getting free pokecoins very appealing as well.

Go to the following web site for your free pokecoins

According to Nintendo, over 15 million downloads happened in the first week. Nintendo’s shares sky rocketed by over 50% within the first week. Probably one of their greatest money spinners for a very long time.

Nintendo are desperately trying to shut the door on all the free pokecoin hacks available, and people are desperately trying to find other options to get ahead of the game. My advise is instead of trying to search and trawl through all the fake websites out there, is to save yourself the time and effort and go the the pokecoin hack site and get your free pokecoins today.

Now with all that talk of Pokemon Go, and getting free pokecoins, I’m very tempted to go download the game myself and see what all the fuss is about!

Good luck with your Pokemon Go adventures, and I hope the site I’ve provided a link for you will generate enough free pokecoins for you to keep you happy for a VERY long time.

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