Reporting Drew Burton as a scammer

Here is Drew Burtons’s address in Barrie, Ontario, Canada. Remember, he recently bought this house with money stolen from you! Remember Drew Burton (Andrew Burton is his real name) is a scammer. He was caught stacking many accounts he used to be part of.

Well it has finally happened. Drew Burton finally scammed all his members of My24HourIncome of all their money. In a lame attempt at covering up his tracks, he migrates all his members over to another two bit Ponzi called TheAds Leaders (TAL). Remember them? Oh yeah, they’re the one’s who provided Drew Burton with the nulled version of Proxscripts.

So want your money back? How do you get your My24Hourincome money back from the scammer Drew Burton?

First of all, you need to report him to the Barrie Police Department. Their website address is:

Then you need to report him to the Canadian anti-Fraud Centre

Other laws Drew has broken: The Canadian Data Protection law. Did you give him permission to transfer your private details to TheAds Leader (TAL)? He didn’t ask permission, he just did it.

I would recommend reporting him to the two above agencies for theft, fraud and also breaking Canada’s Data protection act.

A simple email, detailing the amount you put in, the promised returns that were made on each different type of Adpack, and how you neither received your money back or or advertising.

So, remember this face:

Drew Burton scammer:


And here is the full photo. Bearing in mind this was taken apparently three days after he lied about the system being hacked, he doesn’t look very worried that someone stole money from My24HI.

Drew Burton Scammer

So don’t let him get away with this!! Report him!

A spreadsheet of my24hourincome’s finances have been provided to us recently, showing up to the day of the supposed hack. Drew has always lied about the amount of money stolen, but the system shows that he was paying out more money than what he was taking in.

To see the spreadsheet, click My24HourIncome Stats

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