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I thought I would do a quick review of Twisted Bear Digital Marketing as I believe they deserve some recognition. This is a relatively new startup company, however I’m led to believe that in fact they are a result of three established companies being merged together, bringing each unique facet of their existing talents together into one company. They specialise in offering an Email Bulk Service.

Email Bulk Service

I used to use Mailchimp for many years, and always averaged about a 89% inbox rate. I recently decided to give Twisted Bear a try, and using my existing email list of just over 18,000 I used their Email Bulk Service and immediately I saw an increase of 5%, which meant I was averaging about a 94% inbox rate.

Their Email Bulk Service gives you full control of your own email account, they manually setup my own dedicated email sending server, fully installed with the email software I needed, and I was sending from my own domain within 24 hours. (Well it was actually 17 hours, but I was asleep when the welcome login email came though!)

I segregated my email list further from the Email Bulk Service I had purchased, and then took all the contacts that had opened my email, and tried another trial over the weekend where I used Twisted Bear’s own hosted service. This seems to use multiple smtp servers to send from their whitelisted IP’s, and my inbox shot up another 4%, which gave me a 98% inbox rate. I was impressed.

What even impressed me further was that even when I had been using Mailchimp, getting on average 89%-90% inbox rate, my engagement, or click rate, had always only been about 45%-52%. When I used my Email Bulk Service I’d purchased from Twisted Bear however, this shot up to a click rate of 79%, as I was using my own recognised brand and domain for this purpose. I had a click rate of 85% when I tested their multiple smtp email account as well. I sent out some affiliate offers and after the 4th signup I’d already earned more than it cost me to send the emails!

I’ve looked at the other services Twisted Bear offer, which I’m confident I will be utilising in the near future. Some examples of what they are offering are cheap landing/squeeze page hosting, cheap VPS hosting, as well as Email Bulk Services, either having your own dedicated email server sending unlimited emails, or using their own multiple smtp email servers to send emails for you.

Their Email Bulk Service was easy to use, and seemed to send my emails out quickly as well. I bought their lowest plan, which seemed to send out at about 12 000 emails/hour. Their multiple smtp servers send out at about 100 000 emails/hour I’ve been told.

If you need some reliable digital marketing and a good ROI with email marketing, I’d suggest you use Twisted Bear Digital Marketing services.

In Conclusion – My review of Twisted Bear Digital Marketing:


My review of Twisted Bear:

Service: 5/5

Results: 5/5

Cost: 5/5

Would I continue using them? Yes I would.

As an extra tip: As them if they’re running any specials at the moment, they’ve let me know they will be offering specials to first time signups for the rest of 2016!

As a disclaimer: I was not paid, nor received anything for this review.

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