SEO I’ve added to the site so far

As I’m documented how I’m making money on this site, as well as sharing my money making opportunities with you, I thought I’d document what I’ve done with this website so far.

Please bear in mind that I have zero SEO experience. I’m in the process of learning onsite SEO, but I’m just creating a website that will hopefully be packed full of info.

Today I installed wordpress on this site. I’ve added Jetpack plugin, which Ifind very helpful. I’ve also added Yeost SEO plugin. I’ve added WassUp plugin as well, as I love seeing the amount of visitors to my website.

So far, within about 12 hours, I’ve received 102 hits. The majority of these are of course from Google. I believe once I start adding sitemaps and further keywords to this site, I will receive a lot more organic visitors.

So my journey to earn more money on the internet has started, and I hope you enjoy your journey. Hopefully if you follow some of my methods I will be posting, you will also be able to learn from me.

I know this is not a reliable and meaningful metric either, my alexa ranking is 25,764,313 I am interested to see how this changes over the course of time.

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