Shirley Scoville

Shirley Scoville, the mother of Charles Scoville, has been constantly begging for money for the legal battle between Trafficmonsoon/Charles Scoville and the SEC for months now.

It has become sickening how she has attempted to bleed even more money from Trafficmonsoon members. Those who have lost the most in the case. The members who will probably never see the majority of their missing funds returned. The once lavish lifestyle of Charles Scoville squandered a lot of the members money before the SEC stepped in and froze Trafficmonsoon’s assets.

Shirley Scoville has been begging for more money to fight the case.  You can see that she (or is it really Charles Scoville posing as his mother on Facebook?) has been setting the scene for when Trafficmonsoon loses the case, that the blame will be laid fully at the members who did not send enough money for the legal fund.

Shirley Scoville, how about Charles has a chat with his lovely triple diamond “leaders” who managed to withdraw thousands of dollars on a daily basis. He knows who they are. You know who they are. Let me jog your memory a bit here:

UK Ponzi Net winners

These are just a few UK members who managed to extract the maximum amount of money out of Trafficmonsoon.

Reaction to begging

Finally, it looks like Sunil Patel has had enough of Shirley Scoville begging for money, and he recently snapped in his Facebook group:

Shirley Scoville

Shirley Scoville

Sunil Patel has had enough, and poured his heart out at how Trafficmonsoon almost ruined his multimillion dollar brand image and that Shirley Scoville should stop begging for money:

Sunil Patel

Sunil Patel

What really amuses me is Shirley Scoville offering to give Charles’ favourite recipes away for those who donate. REALLY? Or a cake sale? I think delusion must run in the Scoville family.

I would like to appeal to anyone reading this not to fall for a further scam and donate anymore money to this. Charles Scoville has enough money hidden away.

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3 thoughts on “Shirley Scoville

  1. I donot know if I should think sunil is honest and has come to his senses
    Because his brand image is suffering or probably after he’s destroyed his own image in the social media by defending the leaders of TM he now is saying otherwise.
    Whatever the case it’s good he’s come to his senses.
    Even a kid could see through this whole situation and my mind couldn’t comprehend how sunil and others couldn’t see through this.
    I knew of people who even after paypal had blocked the money, kept on recruiting people into TM.
    I have realised one thing that today it’s all about money…
    As long as one can make money it doesn’t matter
    – keep blind follow everyone as long as there’s money on the other side
    – do whatever u have to DO…scam lie cheat it’s all ok
    – never listen to anyone… They are all negative LOOSERS
    – it’s OK to use your brain to save £2 on groceries but can’t use the same brain to distinguish b/w right & wrong
    – it’s ok to take risks as long as it’s someone else’s money
    Why I fail to understand WHY…….

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