Paypal attack against Scoville

Paypal attacks Shirley Scoville’s account Reports have surfaced that Paypal attacked Shirley Scoville’s Paypal account. Dear oh dear, it seems Paypal does not really like the Scoville family that much. Shirley Scoville posted in numerous Traffic Monsoon Facebook groups to stop sending more donations through the Funded Justice website, as Paypal has limited her account….

Shirley Scoville

Shirley Scoville, the mother of Charles Scoville, has been constantly begging for money for the legal battle between Trafficmonsoon/Charles Scoville and the SEC for months now. It has become sickening how she has attempted to bleed even more money from Trafficmonsoon members. Those who have lost the most in the case. The members who will…

Latest Updates in Trafficmonsoon case

The latest updates in the Trafficmonsoon case came around yesterday the 30th of November, a day that many Trafficmonsoon members thought would mean victory for them in the SEC case against Trafficmonsoon and Charles Scoville. Judge Parrish was due to hear closing arguments and then reach a decision. “However Judge Parrish had not made up…