Traffic Monsoon Global Ltd

Traffic Monsoon Global Ltd

Traffic Monsoon Global Ltd was incorporated on the 18th of December 2015. On the 11th of February 2016, the two founding directors resigned and Charles Scoville was appointed on the 12th of February 2016.

There are a lot of suspicious activities surrounding the whole incorporation and timings involved with this Ltd company.  As has been written here, Trafficmonsoon LLC is under investigation by the SEC.

As can be seen in the image below, here is a timeline of events with the formation of the company:

Traffic Monsoon Global Ltd

Now let’s look at the players involved:

Taheer Ahmed Sardar

Taheer Ahmed Sardar is the director of the Imperial Offices company that Charles Scoville was using as his registered address for Traffic Monsoon global Ltd.

Taheer Ahmed Sardar’s list of past and present directorships

Aamir Raja

Aamir Raja, was never listed with anything to do with Imperial Offices, however with Charles’ interview with the SEC, both Charles and Samera (his wife?) confirmed that Aamir Raja owned Imperial Offices. The interview can be read here, and this is mentioned on page 10.

Aamir Raja’s list of past and present directorships

I don’t really know what position Aamir Raja played in Traffic Monsoon, but here he is in a Youtube video explaining more about the TM Bank that was supposedly being formed in Dubai. For some reason Charles Scoville just sits there grinning like a Cheshire cat.

Aamir Raja and Charles Scoville TM Bank

Both Taheer and Aamir seem to share a few directorships between different companies:



And then of course they shared Traffic Monsoon Global Ltd as well.

Why did Charles Scoville lie to the SEC and say Aamir Raja owned imperial Offices? In the interview on Page 40

Charles Scoville once again says he pays Aamir Raja £6000/month for using the offices. Imperial Offices were only a service address, and while I know London prices are expensive, service addresses only cost about £400/month. There was no support being offered by the service address, so once again Charles shows how incapable he is of running a successful business. Someone once mentioned how ironic it was that the scammer was being scammed. On the same page you can see that Allied Wallet, registered in the UK, needed Trafficmonsoon to have a UK address as well, hence the reason the Ltd company was registered.

On page 39, Charles Scoville says that the support call centres as run by Ernie Ganz, and they are situated in Florida and the Phillipines. Then on page 40 he says he pays Aamir Raja £6000/month for use of the service address as well as running the centre there. Ermm, hello, it’s a service address! You didn’t have any pay for any call centre there, as your pal Ernie was being paid for that. Oh yes, apparently David Barker was running some sort of support scam for you as well….

The SEC started talking to Charles in December 2015, he hid this from all his investors. I’m pretty sure this was the reason why Traffic Monsoon Global Ltd was incorporated in the first instance, I think Charles wanted to transfer everything over to the UK Ltd company to avoid the SEC.

Charles Scoville, you’re a poor businessman, a poor lier, but a brilliant SCAMMER!

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