TrafficHurricane created to fund Charles Scoville

In a surprising twist on events that has been discovered today in a Facebook group, which was quickly deleted, it has come out that TrafficHurricane was created to fund Charles Scoville.

In a previous post about TrafficHurricane being a clone of TrafficMonsoon it was written how TrafficHurricane was created with TrafficMonsoon logo’s still in place, as well as the entire database.

trafficmonsoon reloaded scam

And everyone knew that Ernie Ganz of Florida was the mastermind behind this. In fact he is still running the site to this day. Despite his claims it is registered offshore, hosted offshore, I think the SEC is closing in on him very quickly as well.

Today in a Facebook group, it has come out in a ranting tirade between Ernie Ganz and William G. Bryant about money collected via GoFundMe for Charles Scoville’s legal fund, that William G. Bryant is still holding on to the money (scammer scamming another scammer?), presumably for himself?

In a further turn of events, William G. Bryant turned on Ernie Ganz and asked where the money was that was supposed to be moved from TrafficHurricane to TrafficMonsoon.

In the short exchange between Ernie Ganz and William g. Bryant, it is confirmed that the TrafficMonsoon database was used to startup TrafficHurricane (This was after the Receiver froze TrafficMonsoon’s assets) and that money was supposed to be sent to Charles Scoville and TrafficMonsoon.

This angry exchange between the two was quickly deleted.

But luckily we managed a screenshot of this first!

Traffichurricane scam

trafficmonsoon scam

The whole time the SEC has laid a complaint against TrafficMonsoon, Charles Scoville and his so-called “leaders” (Chief Ponzi winners) have shown utmost contempt towards the SEC as well as the Receiver.

If Judge Parish deems that TrafficMonsoon is indeed a Ponzi Scheme, and civil as well as criminal charges are brought against Charles Scoville, I hope the book is thrown at him. Charles Scoville and his “leaders” are showing their true colours at the moment. And the fact that TrafficHurricane was created to fund Charles Scoville and TrafficMonsoon should be enough to have TrafficHurricane investigated as well, especially Ernie Ganz who knowingly went against a court order and used TrafficMonsoon assets to startup TrafficHurricane.

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