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So, in the latest saga of TrafficMonsoon vs SEC, it turns out the website is now down. Charles jumps onto Facebook to announce he does not know why. Charles is claiming TrafficMonsoon is suffering from a DDOS attack



Oh dear. For someone who is in sole control of a business apparently worth multi-millions, he does not really know much about his business. Bearing in mind he also told the SEC he did a course in IT many years ago as well.

Well, let’s look at why is TrafficMonsoon down:

TrafficMonsoon uses the following IP addresses: has address has address has address has address has address has address has address mail is handled by 10

Using various online free tools, not one of those IP’s are able to respond to the internet. Now the way a datacenter handles a DDOS attack would be to stop the point of entry of attack to a particular server/server rack. This would be typically a router or switch where the internet enters the datacenter. (They typically have several access points and bandwidth providers coming in). They literally switch off the switch/router to deny the DDOS attack. This means that very often the other servers in the same server rack are also dead to the world and cannot be accessed.

So, if this was a typical DDOS attack, then other IP’s/websites would also not be able to load right?

Funnily in this situation, websites hosted in the same datacenter, hosted on IP’s adjacent to TrafficMonsoon, are all up and functioning properly! So what does this tell me? This tells me that the SERVER hosting the website TrafficMonsoon, has been switched OFF. TrafficMonsoon is not experiencing a DDOS attack, the server has been switched off.

I predict that one of the following has not happened:

  1. Charles has not paid his hosting fee
  2. Snoork has been ordered to shutdown the server.
  3. Latest excuse why no affiliate will get paid.

So, in my opinion, is TrafficMonsoon experiencing a DDOS attack? The answer is NO

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UPDATE: 14:40 BST 5th August 2016

It seems I was correct. The receiver has shutdown the trafficmonsoon website.

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  1. Its bullshit like always my 500 is down the drain internet scams how do they get away with this is behond me like the hells angels they are big stars and we are a bunch of shit by the way we look!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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