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There has always been speculation that Charles Scoville, owner of TrafficMonsoon, has hidden money away from the SEC’s investigation and Receiver. With discrepancies between what he reported paying for his flat in Manchester, UK and what he actually paid for it as one example.

He reportedly also said he lived a frugal lifesyle, but siphoned money from Traffic Monsoon on a regular basis.

Now more information has come to light, which has been reported to the Receiver in charge of the SEC case against TrafficMonsoon. Unfortunately, I have been requested not to share some information that I’ve given to the Receiver, but I am at liberty to talk about a few other things which I found out.

So let’s start at the beginning and fill in some blanks.

Who is Charles Scoville?

Some may say scam artist, some say brilliant entrepreneur. What we know about Charles Scoville offline is very little compared to his online profile.

Charles David Scoville, born to Shirley and David Scoville grew up as a Mormon. His parents are still devout Mormon’s to this day. They currently live in Bloomfield Colorado in a neat little suburban area, with neat houses and nice wide front yards. Charles has since denounced mormonism and has declared his faith is now Islam.

Charles will often fudge through his education when questioned, but impressions that I’ve got from various people that have known him for years is that he was never really interested in school. He had numerous low-level paying jobs and wanted more. He did not believe that working hard could be rewarding and sought ways to make money with his computer knowledge.

Charles got married and had a son. He divorced Kelie (or Kellie) Marie Scoville on the 19th of November 2008, when his son was about 3 years old. Charles very often uses his son in promo photos for Trafficmonsoon, and since moving to the UK in 2015, has brought him to a few recruitment meetings.

Kelie Scoville seems to have lived in Colorado Springs and then left the area, possibly to move to Utah where she and Charles divorced two years later.

Receiver issues bank subpoenas against Scoville & family

With information supplied to the SEC and the Receiver, the court appointed Receiver has issued bank subpoenas against Scoville and family. This is to cover the years from January 2013 till present. And is to include all past and present failed online schemes. This means it is no longer just restricted to TrafficMonsoon, but all the other failed schemes as well.

Evidence of money transfered to Charles’ First National Bank account was also given to the Receiver as well, as well as other information I am unable to disclose at the moment. Money was also transferred from the First National Bank account to a Compass bank account. A bank account belonging to Shirley Scoville. Charles’ mother. The same bank account that has been part of a “Scoville Legal Defence Fund

The money that was sent to the Compass bank account belonging to Shirley Scoville was the exact same one listed here:


There are also three US Bank accounts in the following names:

  • Samera Hussain
  • Taylor Anden Scoville
  • Charles D. Scoville

Remember when the SEC asked him if he has any other bank accounts? He answered he did not have any other bank accounts. He also forgot to mention the Lloyds UK bank account in Sumera’s name that received regular hefty deposits at the end of June as well. From his personal Chase bank account.

So let’s ask again: Charles David Scoville, do you have any other bank accounts? The answer is Yes. Guess what, we found them!

Why is Shirley Scoville asking for more donations for your Defence Fund? You have been posting on Facebook that it’s all an innocent mistake, that you will win, that there is nothing to worry about. At the moment the SEC is limited to a civil case, but you do realise this will change very shortly to a criminal case right?

There have also been claims that the website was setup without your knowledge. Again, this is a lie. You had access to the backups, you sent the backups to your Russian programmer Alex. BTW, seeing that you’ve registered offices in the UK, you’ve just broken Data Protection laws in the UK as well. Complaint with ICO has already been filed.

A reliable source in the UK’s ActionFraud team confirmed today with me that the Receiver has already indicated to them that Charles’ flat in Manchester will also form part of the clawback process where the Receiver is tasked to get as much money back as possible to distribute to investors.

It is very easy to follow a money trail, especially when you think you are more clever than the authorities. Charles, you left a 3 lane highway-wide trail that when one knew where to look, it was easy to follow.

I am pleased to report that at least £290 000 of TrafficMonsoon’s hidden money has been found already, and that there is possible even more to be found. Who knows…..

Please share as much as possible on social media so that the truth can be out there.

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