TrafficMonsoon: Lies, Thieves and Fraud

I am honestly convinced Charles Scoville is trying for an insanity plea when this eventually comes to a criminal charge against him and TrafficMonsoon. His recent posting on Facebook comparing TrafficMonsoon to McDonald’s burgers is just laughable. I am still unable to fathom why people do not all realise that TrafficMonsoon is a scam.


Here we have people from some of the poorest regions in the world, who were lured into promises of huge payouts, some scraping life savings together, getting money from friends and family, with promises of returning this money in the near future as they’ll be earning a lot of money, only to be conned by Charles Scoville again.

Some of these people are very naive when it comes to online earning, and were mesmerised by the millions of dollars that was said to be earnt very quickly, for only watching a few websites a day. Some people had very little option to be desperately believe in Charles – the alternative was too dire.

But who are the REAL con artists here? Possible the “leaders” who knowingly recruited people in their downlines knowing that the end was near. Or even the fact they’re giving these people false hope that TrafficMonsoon will be found not guilty and the SEC court case will go away.

People like Sunil Patel, from London who posted this on Facebook after organising a “protest” at Brighton Pier. He knowingly faked a screenshot of a CNN news cast, or possible found the person on fiverr who does this.


If I paid for this bad photoshop job on fiverr, I’d ask for a refund.

If I’d created this poor example of photoshop, I’d be too ashamed to splash it all over Facebook. Unfortunately, there are so many people believing this is true, that TrafficMonsoon is so huge it can take on the SEC and win.

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