TrafficMonsoon Petition

So there is currently a petition going around to collect funds for Charles. Most of the top earners that I’ve seen have put statements on their Facebook saying they do not endorse it. So I decided to take a look at the petition. Here is a screenshot of the TrafficMonsoon petition:


I was a bit suspicious about the fact that a bitcoin address had been added to the petition, so I looked it up:


About $220 had been collected at the time of the screenshots.

I can see that this had then been sent on to another address:


Now I really wondered who that bitcoin address belongs to that currently has a balance of $87 827.40 in it.

I did some further digging via Google (I just searched for the bitcoin address) and found the following page:


Turns out you can send this person money from various payment processors and he will convert it to bitcoin, or visa versa. He will convert your bitcoin to untraceable cash. There were 8 transactions done yesterday, this person seems very keen to get hold of all the cash as quickly as possible!

Of course, this might all be down to my suspicious mind and the donations are going towards fighting the SEC. The donation page encourages everyone to donate, ermmm…. I mean sign the petition and mentions several times that Charles will have seen this petition and the petition goes on to say add your TM username so Charles can thank you at a later stage.

My gut instinct says this feels like a pure scam attempt, taking advantage of the situation. Especially since it has been posted on Facebook from the TM Elite that they are not supporting it.


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