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Heads up people, there’s a new TrafficMonsoon in the house. It’s called TrafficHurricane. There has been great pains taken in pointing out this is not owned by Charles Scoville, but by some anonymous owner (Ernie Ganz). But in reality it’s just TrafficMonsoon reloaded. Is TrafficHurricane a scam?

As we all know, the SEC has frozen all assets of Charles Scoville and TrafficMonsoon (that they know of so far), which includes bank accounts, third part payment processors such as Paypal & Payza, domain name, etc.

Charles Scoville thought it was cute to hand over the database to his extremely loyal followers to form, which had the complete database from this was quickly taken down and replaced with, hosted on the same server as was hosted on.

But oops…. someone made a booboo. It might be a new name, but they forgot to change all the logo’s. Here is a screenshot of the new TrafficHurricane site, still sporting the Trafficmonsoon logo. Click image to enlarge

trafficmonsoon reloaded

Let’s zoom in there on the important bit….

trafficmonsoon reloaded scam

Now let’s think about this for a minute….

If you owned a company, and somehow you fell foul of the SEC, and had your website seized until you could hopefully prove your innocence, would you hand over your website images and database to an unknown 3rd party and still claim your innocence and not know who is running the site? Was your server hacked and the database and images perhaps stolen?

Oh no, wait, these Trafficmonsoon CLONE sites appeared AFTER the SEC shutdown your server. That means neither you, nor anyone else (even a hacker) could access your server. IT WAS SHUTDOWN. OFF. INACCESSABLE TO THE OUTSIDE WORLD. Hmmm, so what does this mean? Ah yes. The good old daily backup Snoork Hosting had automatically made for you. So this means you wilfully defied an order made to the SEC to freeze all assets pending the court date and handed over the website to either a 3rd party, or you are orchestrating the entire scam.

TrafficMonsoon/TrafficHurricane uses a revshare script called OppSofts, programmed by Alex Klishch (that’s the programmer you mentioned in the SEC interview Charles). Now if you purchased the program from him, I highly doubt you have been paying him the percentage you claimed to the SEC. Did you perhaps squirrell away some of the money you claimed to pay him to one of your UK bank accounts? It’s not a custom script made exclusively for TrafficMonsoon, oops I mean TrafficHurriscam. Sure, there might have been a few additional mods made, but Alex would have charged you per mod a one-time fee. Not a monthly fee based on a percentage of turnover/profit.

Charles Scoville has made a lot of posts of Facebook, claiming his innocence, how he has been duped by certain people, how much he paid certain people for certain things. If these payment claims he has made are really true, I think Charles Scoville himself got scammed – on a continual basis.

It’s sad to see that TrafficHurricane has gained so many members already – I would hazard a guess at least 90% of these members were members of TrafficMonsoon. They are lured by promises of quick money, lead by ex-TrafficMonsoon “leaders” into the next get rich quick scheme with false promises of being untouchable by the SEC.

The danger we have here is that even though Charles Scoville might be facing real jail time if a criminal case is made against him, with the possibility of numerous backups out there in the hands of his trusted “leaders”, more and more clones might spring up. This needs to be shutdown as quickly as possible, with charges brought against the others who are running the new site as well.

If you are thinking of joining TrafficHurricane, avoid. Read more information about TrafficMonsoon first, as despite people claiming it is not the same, it really is. Traffichurricane is run by Charles Scoville and his cronies.

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  1. I had the same feeling about this,everything that was in TM is in TH and even names Hurricane is almost the same as monsoon,thank you for opening my eyes.

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