TrafficMonsoon under SEC investigation

It’s unfortunate that one of the programs I have been working with a lot, and making some money and getting some good traffic is under SEC investigation as a Ponzi scheme.

I had previously dedicated a whole page to TrafficMonsoon revenue share here

Unfortunately the SEC has filed a complaint about TrafficMonsoon, you can read the entire TrafficMonsoon v SEC complaint

I debated wether to file TrafficMonsoon under failures, but have for the moment decided not to, as even though there is a temporary asset freeze on the company, there might be a chance that Charles Scoville, the owner of TrafficMonsoon, will come to a settlement agreement with them. If this does happen, there might be some restructuring of revenue sharing, and the way Adpacks are earned/bought, but I will update all relevant posts if and when this does happen.

So for now, I’ll monitor what is happening with the courtcase against TrafficMonsoon and Charles Scoville, and take it from there.

All I know at the moment is that the SEC is investigating TrafficMonsoon as a Ponzi scheme, but apparently the owner Charles Scoville is in talks with them, which is a good thing, as normally after and asset freeze it is immediately in front of a judge and no dialogue takes place between the business and the SEC.

My own personal thoughts on the whole process? I’m a bit disappointed that Charles Scoville hid the fact from the members until the news broke. I feel that he could have handled the situation a bit better. As for TrafficMonsoon, despite making some money, I feel that there could have been a lot of improvements. Hopefully if TrafficMonsoon is allowed to continue, there will be some changes made.

One of the changes that had already been made before the SEC filed their complaint was the change from clicking 10 adds daily to 50 adds daily. I immediately saw an increase in traffic to my websites, which is what I wanted.

I will see what happens. This might be filed under Failures, I just don’t know yet.



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