Where is Immy Aslam?

Where is Immy Aslam? He has been found. The question on many people’s minds these days with the SEC hearing approaching very quickly is “Where is Immy Aslam?”

Immy Aslam, serial Traffic Monsoon recruiter, hit the road very quickly once the SEC shutdown the Traffic Monsoon server and got a Temporary Restraining Order and Asset Freeze Order in place. You’d think he’d be supporting his buddy Charles Scoville who helped him get a lot of money from innocent members.

What happened to Immy Aslam?

Immy Aslam/Imy Aslam, real name Imtiaz Aslam went into hiding in the Manchester area after reports came out that people were looking for him after he convinced them to invest in Traffic Monsoon. (Here is one of his Youtube videos) As you can also see below, he has removed a lot of his posts from Facebook, the last post made the 26th of March 2016. All traces of Traffic Monsoon have been removed from his Facebook account:

Immy Aslam


His website he used to lure innocent people, imyaslam.com in has also been removed.

imyaslam.com archive

This now redirects to:

imyaslam.com gone

Also, here are the domain registration details for imyaslam.com:

imyaslam.com domain registration

Due to some concerned ex-Traffic Monsoon members doing some research, it has been determined that Immy Aslam has moved address and no longer resides at 45 Mount Road Manchaster, but has moved to another address:

Where does Immy Aslam live?

We even find his mobile phone number by doing some reverse searching. Here we find an online advert he had placed to coach people how to earn money:

earn money with Immy Aslam

I think the funniest thing I found in my search for more evidence on where Immy Aslam moved to, I found that on the 22nd of April 2016 he formed a new Ltd company called Imyaslam Ltd, as shown below. The funniest part? Look at his listed Occupation!

immy aslam occupation

I really wouldn’t trust his judgement as a Driving Instructor, I don’t know about you. But then again, I suppose he was used to driving through traffic with Traffic Monsoon, so maybe that is his code word for a Ponzi pimp?

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*Disclaimer* ALL of the above have been found in the public domain

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