I am Daz and this is my personal finance and money making blog.

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Independent Film Maker

Started my own film production company and made a few films with a gang of like-minded folk. Hell of blast we had and just showed how creative my mind can be if challenged with running a film crew and a cast of over 30 people.


Web Designer & SEO Marketing

Enjoyed building custom made websites for a living and did quite well from it. I still do it today but more so as a hobby now.


Social Media Manager

Spent the next 3 years managing a few businesses on Facebook and helped their businesses grow expotenially with just a few thousand clicks of a mouse. Loved doing this job but still felt like i had more to offer the world.


Freelance Marketing

Did this for a while until i knew i was ready for whatever life threw at me. I wasn’t that ready but i still made money online through Ebay and selling leads i generated through my many online campaigns.

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