Making Money With Cockle Picking In The UK

Making Money With Cockle Picking In The UK

Would you like to learn how to start Making Money With Cockle Picking In The UK?

For hundreds of years, where i come from in South Wales many generations of proud women and men have made a great living from making money with cockle picking in the UK.

The cockle pickers of mainly an area called Penclawwdd near Swansea has been the main place where the old past time hard going job has been performed by the toughest of women and men.

And still to this day, you can see the same generations of their families venture out onto the cold sands of the beaches around by my home to collect and sell these most prized sea food that can make you a ton of money (if you are prepared for some hard graft).

So What The Heck Are Cockles? (i bet you're thinking???)

Making Money With Cockle Picking In The UK

Cockles are shellfish that are usually found under the sands of most Welsh beaches here in the UK and they are a local delicacy that many of families have consumed (along with lavabread which is sea weed) and it is delicious especially if they are consumed in the morning for breakfast.

Using just a small rake, and some netting bag, or cockle bag, and a pair of trusted wellies, if you are prepared to brake your back to make a killing, you can bet you will be able to make a few hundred pounds by raking up these prized cockles to sell locally at markets such as Swansea or Carmarthen.

Making Money With Cockle Picking In The UK Dangers

Making Money With Cockle Picking In The UK

As you are working in low tides out at sea, and near some of the roughest British seas, there is a chance you can be caught off guard while you are busy filling your buckets with these elusive shells of money and there have been many incidents where cockle pickers have been killed doing this job.

You must be alert at all times and it’s best to go out with a team of professionals or just try your hand at it for small chunks of time before you jump into it full time to avoid any potential dangers.

If you can hack the cold British weather, and the back breaking work to fill your buckets/nets up with cockles, you can make it worth your while. Would i do it? nope! but i know many who do it.

The History Of Cockle Picking In The UK

Cockles are small clams, there are over 200 types and are found on sandy sheltered beaches all over the world. They have been raked up since probably before the Roman times. Women used to be the ones to rake for them and bring in some money for their families using donkeys and sheer might.

That has now changed and teams of fishermen are the ones now doing this job. Cockles can now be found sold in jars at supermarkets or in fishmongers. Some coastal areas still have a fishmongers van going round selling door to door but those times are slowly starting to die out with the advance of the internet and internet shopping.

They are collected by raking the sands at low tide. This can be done by hand with a rake or sometimes tractors will be used by fishermen who have a license for large harvesting which you can obtain through local council websites.

These days the mollusc industry is monitored as over-harvesting left a shortage which has created some fights between fishermen in villages all over the UK.

In a few parts of South Wales, a traditional meal was cockles with bacon and laverbread eaten for breakfast to provide energy for coal miners and workers and sometimes bloggers like me and my family love a nice cockle sarnie.

Cockles are best cooked by steaming but can also be used in chowders and more imaginative recipes and one of them is my favourite and that is to just fry them off with a bit of bacon and throw them in a nice bap and smother it with tomato sauce. Mmmmm

How You Can Get Started With Cockle Picking?

Making Money With Cockle Picking In The UK

In 2021, the best way to learn how to start Making Money With Cockle Picking In The UK is to go to one of the main areas where cockles are harvested by local fishermen and see if you can join them.

Or alternatively, find out by contacting a local council in these 3 main areas of Wales to see if you can get a license to start collecting and selling cockles on a wholesale scale.

  • Burry Inlet
  • Penclawwdd
  • Dee Estuary

If you speak to the right person i am sure they will point you in the right direction of how to obtain a license so you can harvest as much as you like and not just up to the 8kg limit (for personal consumption).

Although, if you are local to the Gower area in South Wales, there is a patch of ground which requires NO license to harvest cockles. It’s a major loop hole which not many people know about but now you do so take advantage of it. It’s between the areas of Llanridian pill and Llanelli north dock.

So what are you waiting for guys? go grab your rake, bucket and wellies and go get those cockles!



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