Safemoon Token Review In 2021

In this Safemoon Token Review, i want to show you why i love this new crypto project that is taking the world by storm right now in 2021. Check my video below for a FULL run through!

When i first spotted this very popular crypto the other day, i just laughed it off and said to my wife that it’s probably just another one of those crappy coins that won’t end up going anywhere.

How Very Wrong Was I? Safemoon Fans Went Crazy. Look How The Investors Jumped On It

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Let Me Show You With This Safemoon Token Review Why People LOVE Safemoon

With the hugely popular success of the likes of other meme coins such as DOGE coin, people think they are going to miss out on the next big thing. Right? YES and a million plus people decided to give this great coin a chance and invested in it.

Were They Right To Invest In Safemoon?

Why the hell not! It’s just like any other investment with maybe more risks possibly but i am not no finanical advisor so don’t think i am! One thing is for sure is that you have more chance of winning with Safemoon than with the National lottery and with better odds too.

5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Safemoon In 2021

Before you run off to grab your wallet or your purse and think of investing your life savings away. THINK TWICE! and only invest what you can afford to lose. Fortunately, the price of these tokens are still low but this may not stay the same if the price rockets up.

How To Make Money With Shit Coins In 2021

1. Safemoon Token Was Audited And Found To Be LEGIT!

As with most cryptos, they have to earn trust with the world and given the fact that some Safemoon haters and FUDDERS who spread a load of lies about Safemoon token being a ponzi, the company behind this great token decided to be fully TRANSPARENT and HONEST and had a audit done by Certik and everything was found to be above board and totally LEGIT.

2. Safemoon Has Been Accepted By Some Top Crypto Exchanges

As of writing this Safemoon Token Review, it’s been listed on over 7 exchanges and one which will help make buying these little buggers more SIMPLE and STRAIGHTFORWARD. (Links supplied below)

You can purchase Safemoon tokens for less cheaper option via Pancakeswap but the process of buying this way could be more troublesome for you. If you want to trade via Pancakeswap (, first you need to get hold of some BNB Smart chain coins and in order to get them you have to follow this process if you don’t want to buy your own Safemoon tokens on the exchanges listed above.

  1. Download Trust wallet app.
  2. Buy BNB coins off Binance Exchange, send them to your BNB wallet inside your Trust Wallet app.
  3. Convert the BNB coins to BNB Smart Chain coins.
  4. Head down the bottom of the app and look up DApps tab, look for pancakeswap.
  5. Then on pancakeswap you just swap your BNB smart chain coins for Safemoon tokens.
  6. To check if the tokens have arrived, go up to the top right of the app, click the tab and add the coin and your Safecoins balance will show in your wallet.

Or failing that, just send crypto (BTC or ETH) to one of the exchanges above and just buy them from these places.

3. Safemoon Tokens Are Now Global!

Thanks to all the above exchange listings and the fact that Safemoon tokens are being bought up by over a million holders, the potential for this new crypto coin is massive especially now since it’s been listed on and Coingecko and been well received by the community of Safemoon lovers on Reddit and Twitter. Lately, Safemoon has been voted the most talked about crypto on ALL social media and i truly believe it’s only going to get better for this unique project.

4. Safemoon Project Is Unique

I truly believe this project from the people behind Safemoon token is unique due to 3 main reasons.

  1. Sellers are penalised for selling their coins at a rate of 10% and a portion of this is redistrubed back to the HOLDERS of these tokens.
  2. You make more tokens passively while you sleep when holders sell up so your account is always growing.
  3. They plan to have their own exchange which is just amazing in itself.

5. Safemoon Is Backed By Some Well Known Celebs

From the likes of the well known DJ Afrojack to the Welsh vlogger Ben Phillips who have embraced this community driven crypto token, the love for Safemoon tokens just holds no stopping. Everyone is talking about it and so many celebs have jumped on board. I bet it won’t be long before all the big people get involved with this great project. You only have to go on Twitter and Reddit to see how passionate people are for the success of this coin. They truly believe that if other meme coins can blow up like Doge, why not Safemoon?

The Conclusion

Safemoon Token Review

In this Safemoon Token Review, i have laid out some good points as to why you should invest in this great coin as i believe with ALL the hype surrounding it and backed by the great team who run it to the celebs who love hammering it into our faces every day, I believe it is going to rocket to the moon and hit a dollar in no time at all.

We are all loving Safemoon right now and if you want to get a cut of the action then just go get some dollars and head to PancakeSwap or one of the 7 crypto exchanges above and go grab some Safemoon tokens before they all run out.


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